Mulit - Goriška brda
The Mulit project
Fossilized life came to life again.
The idea for our 'Mulit' project is based on evolutionary approach; we develop viniculture by trying to understand the laws of Nature.

The 'Mulit' project was developed at the Prinčič farm 'Kmetija Prinčič' in 1997. Our guide through it was the idea that we could combine different
wines from our vineyard in Vipolže and present a new wine which would
contribute to the identification of Goriška Brda wine-growing district.
Flysch soil, also referred to as 'opoka' by the locals, has uncovered fossils
over 50 million years old. Their archaeological site is in Vipolže. They tell
us the story of life. One fossil in particular, so-called 'nummulites', was our
inspiration for 'Mulit' blends.



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